The Picture of Dorian Gray

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Based on the classic novel by Oscar Wilde. Set in Victorian London. An artist named Basil Hallward falls for a beautiful young man by the name of Dorian Gray. His latest work of art is a remarkable portrait of the youth, which he plans to give to him as a gift. On the day that Basil plans to complete the picture, Basil’s friend, Henry Wotton, meets Dorian. Henry fills Dorian’s head with thoughts, telling him that nothing is more important than his beauty. The impressionable boy takes the man’s words seriously, and upon the portrait’s completion, makes a wish that the painting could age while he stays young and beautiful forever. Dorian’s wish is granted, and as time passes, Dorian changes, and so does the painting. He becomes more conceited and more corrupted as time goes by, and the painting changes from a beautiful innocent boy to a terrifying and disgusting creature, revealing the true evil within Dorian’s soul. Contains yaoi!


November 9th, 2012, 6:03 pm


Almost Done Chapter 1!

I feel like the first chapter is taking me a really long time. I'm making the first chapter accurate to the novel, but I'm going to stray slightly from the original after this chapter. I need to make yaoi fans happy.


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